KICH Hypnotherapy Training In Kent

We have just completed module 3 of the KICH Professional Practitioner Course, and are delighted to have a great mix of students who are full of enthusiasm and willing to work hard to get maximum benefit from the course.
They are tackling the practical work with gusto and seem to be enjoying all the relaxation techniques we are practicing during the afternoon on both days of the weekend.

This month, among other things, we took a good long look at anxiety, it’s causes and repercussions. It’s a big problem for so many people and costs society huge amounts in money and productivity … anxiety is an area all therapists can expect to find themselves helping clients deal with.

The course offers students a real opportunity to practice so many useful strategies and this time we were working with the 2.5 minute holiday, a form of self hypnosis that is very effective in helping to bring stress levels down to sensible level.

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