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It has long been recognised that hypnosis can be useful in preparation for surgery. A relaxed attitude that will often leave the patient needing less anaesthetic during the surgery and afterwards experiencing faster recovery times.

In my own practice I have worked with many clients before surgery, the results have been remarkable. The client has been confident and relaxed going into the operating theatre, indeed one client who had been terrified of the surgery before seeing me, sang on the trolley all the way down to the theatre because he said he felt so relaxed and confident.
Recovery has been startling in it’s speed, so much so that the surgical teams have sensed a difference and a couple of the surgeons have made a point of asking questions about exactly what the client had done in preparation before the operations.

I have provided the link to a youtube video above, this is a TV programme that was made around a remarkable operation using hypnosis. The footage in the operating theatre beautifully demonstrates the power of the mind. Hypnosis a completely natural state of mind that here carries the patient on the operating table into a deep relaxation during which he is aware of all that is going on but describes the feelings of the operation as mild a pushing, pulling and tickling sensation, he remains impassive through out.

This kind of work is not new and hypnotherapists have been using the power of the mind in surgery for well over a hundred years, what is interesting now is that we can far better visually document the evidence with recordings like the one above.

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