KICH Hypnotherapy Training In Kent

Professional Practitioner Training Course (DHP)

Next Course Begins: 13th/14th April 2019

This course is aimed at those with no previous experience of hypnotherapy or hypnosis. People from a variety of backgrounds take this course. Previous students have been from all walks of life. Teachers, Journalists, Engineers, Beauty Therapists, Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors, Actors, Lorry Drivers, BBC employees, IT Specialists, Police and Firebrigade personal, those looking for a new career after retirement and plenty more.

The ‘Professional Practitioner Hypnotherapy Training Course’ is accredited and recognised classroom-based training which surpasses the National Occupation Standards for Hypnotherapy training.
The tuition program is conducted in a modular fashion (10 months, one weekend per month) and covers all that you need to know to begin finding success in your new profession as soon as you are qualified.

As you can see, The KICH training appeals to all kinds of people! When you join our course, you will meet lots of wonderful people who will become friends.

A Professional Qualification

If you want to gain a professional qualification as a hypnotherapist, we can offer you first rate training to practitioner level.

The course leads to a fully accredited recognised and professional Diploma qualification (DHP) Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy with the opportunity to become a member of the following associations:

  • The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP)
  • The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (NRPC)
  • The National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)
  • The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
The course consists of:

10-weekend classroom based diploma course (160 + classroom and study hours ) this course could be considered the foundation course, when after successful completion you will be qualified and able to start your own practice.

Accelerated learning

10 two day weekend Modules, each with a combination of classroom, practical and home study components.
The focus of this course is on Classroom based tuition; Practical work; Homework Assignments; Working With Clients and Preparing Case Studies. We do not require you to write thousands of words in essays like some other schools and so this means people of all academic backgrounds can learn with us at KICH. You need to complete all homework in order to do the final exam, and homework must be of a level which clearly demonstrates that you have fully understood the topics taught and that you are doing the practical work with test subjects. Homework is both structured and achievable.

With plenty of extras

Included in the course are comprehensive written course notes containing over 500 pages in total, together with the easy quit smoking program and audio support, all provide a valuable resource and ongoing reference to keep.

Training with a fantastic pedigree

This course was devised and written by the Principal of the Essex Institute (eich) Terence Watts, and is based on his many thousands of hours of successful work with hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis. Terence is the only UK hypnotherapist ever awarded the MCGI for his work and this year he achieved the prestigious Educator of the Year in the USA from the International and Medical Hypnotherapy Association..
Terence has written many books and manuals on the subject including ‘Warriors Settlers and Nomads’ and has lectured at home and overseas, including the USA and Asia.

This is the course to study if you want to go into practice, either full time or part time, as a effective professional clinical hypnotherapist. Then if you wish, you can continue your studies with the advanced courses which include psychosexual, symbio dynamics and further psychotherapy training.

During your training you will be registered automatically as a student member of The APHP once you have successfully completed your course and passed your exam you will have pre-approved membership offered for the APHP (annual fee will be payable by you for membership of this and any other organisations you decide to join). You will also be welcomed as a student member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) and we will supply a application form for you to join them once you qualify, student membership of this organisation is free of charge.

This course is constantly updated to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Highly successful hypnotherapist and teacher Georgina McKinnon conducts and oversees the training personally.

The Professional Practitioner course taught by Georgina McKinnon was originally written by the principal of the Essex Institute Terence Watts MCGI and is based on his many thousands of hours of successful work with hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and psychotherapy.

Interested? What are the benefits of training with us?

Added advantages of training with us include:

All course books and fantastic audio cds to enhance learning are provided as part of the course. Assignment study assessment fees and all examination fees are included.
Classroom based training with plenty of time to practice, fantastic course notes (around 500 pages in total) and a variety of visiting experts who lecture for us.

Our guest lecturers on at least 3 modules are a real bonus.

Professionals who are specialists in their field add even more into the students knowledge base. Among our visiting guest lecturers we have previously welcomed:
Lynda Hudson, an expert in working with hypnotherapy for children, Lynda is also known for her books on Hypnotherapy.

Peter Moule a well known sports hypnotherapist who currently works with one of the British Olympic teams who competed in the 2012 games; Peter is also an Olympic judge.

June Hale a working hypnotherapist and educator and she will be lecturing at the school on CBH.
Andy Milton lecturer in NLP.

KICH offers on-going support and supervision.

After qualification so you never need feel alone because advice is available long after you are qualified.

So many other courses provide little or no back up in business start up.

This is a vital area because many of our students will never have run their own business before. This is an area we pride ourselves in, particularly the business side of getting set up.

Further study.

If you decide to move onto the advanced therapy diploma and the psycho-sexual practitioner and other specialist courses, you will be accepted onto them right away through KICH or any eich school having successfully completed Year 1 with us.

Most of all, students who train via KICH go on to make happy therapists because they are well supported and encouraged to get to work!




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