KICH Hypnotherapy Training In Kent

Warriors Settlers and Nomads…

​a deeper understanding

This training really is a voyage of discovery, the beginning of a journey that has the potential to change your life and that of your client!

​Our training is based on the work of leading UK and International therapist Terence Watts MCGI, and the training we offer in WSN is approved by him.

We introduce you to the theory of evolutionary psychology and explore the three key influences on our current behaviour, allowing identification of you and your clients inner Warrior, Settler and Nomad.

On our 2 day course you will begin the process of self discovery as you investigate the aspects of personality you may never have identified before, wonderful self discovery that you will soon be introducing your clients to. The bonus for you is that before you introduce your clients to WSN you will begin to see yourself and those around you in a very different light as you explore this powerful way of working.

For those who work with it WSN is a hugely popular, valuable and effective therapy. WSN can be used separately or in conjunction with other therapy, for example it can be a great to use at end of BWRT, although not in the same session.

On our course you will learn how to help clients let go of self limitations and internal conflict. You will also discover new strategies for helping clients create the potential to change their life forever. Warriors, Settlers and Nomads helps people understand who they really are and how they came to be who they are. Training with us will introduce you to some of the most powerful tools available to help clients create the changes they want and so often desperately need.

The cost of the course is £240.00 to include notes.

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