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Here at KICH we like to share knowledge with our students and visitors, so from time to time we will publish interesting articles and things we think people may find useful.

Our 2016/17 course is almost done!

We can hardly believe that we are a good three quarters of the way through our 4th year! What an amazing journey this is. We have taught and qualified over 40 students in that time, with another 11 this year all working towards being able to gain their very valuable...

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2014 students graduating this month!

Congratulations to our 2014 students who graduated this month. We are so proud of all you have achieved 🙂 Unfortunately some of our students aren't in the photos due to not being able to make it to the graduation, but we are happy to say that all of the intake...

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Our students have the benefit of using various places within the college to do their practicals. The first photo is of some of this years students at break, the second when they've been practicing hypnosis on each other. Spot the difference 😉

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July 29th, 2014

Picture We are already getting lots of interest for our next years course! Since we launched, we have trained many students to become qualified hypnotherapists and are looking forward to enrolling more for our 2015 class which will begin in April 2015. We have a...

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Our Wonderful first year students!

We hope that our students have enjoyed our first year here in Kent as much as we have! It's been a fantastic 10 months, with very enthusiastic members of our group. We are looking forward to enrolling more students who will start in April this year!...

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We won an award for our Kent hypnosis school!

Georgina from hypnosis kent has been inspiring students for years at the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, so decided to set up the course in Medway. (at the MidKent College) It has already been a huge success. Having worked hard and after ploughing a lot of time,...

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Hypnotic Operation with no Chemical Anaesthesia

It has long been recognised that hypnosis can be useful in preparation for surgery. A relaxed attitude that will often leave the patient needing less anaesthetic during the surgery and afterwards experiencing faster recovery times. In my own practice I have worked...

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French firemen test hypnosis. 120 firemen have been trained in France to use basic medical hypnosis to help people who are involved in or have been involved in accidents and other trauma. To those...

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Having a good time at KICH

We have just completed module 3 of the KICH Professional Practitioner Course, and are delighted to have a great mix of students who are full of enthusiasm and willing to work hard to get maximum benefit from the course. They are tackling the practical work with gusto...

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Hypnobirthing used by the Duchess of Cambridge The Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been looking into hypno-birthing techniques, which are based around the principle that fear and anxiety make labour...

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hypnotherapy

Up to eight million people in the UK suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, this is often a debilitating and intrusive condition that often leaves the sufferer feeling helpless and over whelmed. Those of us in the field of Hypnotherapy have long understood the mind...

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